Less Seen Treasures in Florence: Masaccio

Many sites on-line list the famous masterpieces of the Renaissance that everyone should see. Also walking around the city the crowds give you the idea of the places that must be visited. However, some masterpieces get less attention. Such is the case of the frescoes by Masaccio at The Brancacci Chapel inside the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine. This is probably due to the shy outer appearance of the church.

Expulsion from Paradise

Masaccio had a short career as a painter, dying at age 27. One of the most outstanding scenes in the chapel is the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. In this scene, one can observe the artist’s concern for depicting the characters’ emotions combined with his studies of the human figure.

So if you feel like you have ran out of places to see, go visit the Santa Maria del Carmine church.

Fun Facts: Restoration in the last century erased the leaves that were once added to cover them after it was finished. It also revealed  the time that Masaccio spent in this particular scene: 4 days which is remarkably fast.

-Luisa Rodriguez, SRISA Post-Baccalaureate Program

Brancacci Chapel


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