Bonjour Bruxelles!

I know that for many students who come to study abroad the aspect of traveling to other cities is a big part of the study abroad experience. Students have certain cities and things they want to see.  So where would I go is the question?

As my Professor, Alexandra, of Travel Writing would say: “researching a place before you go is always important”. While researching where to go, Brussels stood out to me. I found that Belgium was known for fries, chocolate, beer and waffles.  I won’t lie – these are the reasons I chose to travel to Belgium. I feel it’s best to explain my five day trip with pictures:


Manneken Pis
Arab food in Brussels
Belgian beer


Fries from Fritland
1 euro waffles!
Grand Place (Grote Markt)
Drinks from Goupil Le Fol
Homemade lemonade and homemade chai latte from Peck 47 Café
Dress at the Museum of Costume & Lace, exhibit Just Married, A History of Marriage
Manhattn’s in Brussels
Chocolate pastry from Paul
Elisabeth Chocolatier, one of many chocolate shops
A variety of chocolates

I came to Brussels for the beer, fries, chocolate and waffles, but learned far more about the city than that. The city is full of diversity and culture. For example: there is a variety of different restaurants with Ethiopian food, American food, Belgian food, Chinese food and even Italian food! It felt like so many aspects of other countries packed into one city, which is why I loved it so much.

Lena Ali


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